Northern Lights Learning Trust is governed by a Board of Directors/Trustees.

Academy Trust Members:

The Trust Board has respected members of the North East community from different sectors, including education, business and faith.

  • A charitable Limited Liability Company
  • Responsible for the Objects of the Company

Board of Directors/Trustees:

Receive delegated responsibility on behalf of the Members to run the academies.

This includes responsibility for: standards, policies, monitoring, finances, determination of committees with delegated powers, and for delegation of powers to the Local Academy Councils (any reference to Local Academy Council is also a reference to Local Governing Body).

Local Governing Body:

The Local Governing Body has delegated powers to focus on their own school, providing a context on their individual community needs and aspirations.

They are committed to their individual schools and:

  • Develop collaborative practices with responsibility and accountability
  • Help to set strategic priorities and plans
  • Monitor standards and achievement within the school
  • Ensure Trust policies are implemented and their own relevant policies are determined
  • Engage with all stakeholders to provide outstanding opportunities, provision and improved outcomes for all children
  • Support and challenge practices within the school.

 The level of delegation will depend on the performance of the individual academy.

The current list of Members and Directors/Trustees can be accessed here.

The Governance-Scheme of Delegation can be viewed here.