From the first moment to the very last, we strive to make a difference and provide every one of our children with the best start in life.

We believe this is about individuality of schools, celebrating established diverse communities and bringing those individuals together with a common purpose, but not with a uniformity which inhibits individuality. Our schools will have their own community, their own identity, their own uniform, school badge and logo.

Children within the Trust are proud of their schools, with exceptionally positive attitudes to learning. Behaviour and safety of our children is outstanding and whether it is on the playground or in lessons, children need to learn how to resolve conflict and restore friendships. Children in the school council and various other groups play an active and positive role in the life of our schools. Using the principles of Restorative Practice, children are encouraged to become responsible citizens and to make positive choices both in and out of schools. They are taught to care for themselves, each other and the environment. Our schools are places where spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is outstanding.

Our school is a worshipping community, where we share in developing a journey of Christian Faith. The Trust values other Faiths, as we all come to deepen our understanding of our own and relish opportunities to debate and learn from others.