Challenge & Inspiration

We are proud of our innovative approach to education where teachers and teaching assistants plan lessons together, to ensure our children are excited and motivated to ask questions and challenge what they learn.

We offer strong professional, successful practice based on proven outcomes, and we want to learn further from others and collaborate on shared research projects, continually learning from each other to strengthen our own practice, to improve outcomes for our children and those of other schools who join the Trust.

We have high expectations of our children and our staff go to considerable lengths to ensure that we consistently achieve the highest standards of teaching and learning. Through initiatives, which support individual learning needs, such as our writing curriculum and the development of a problem solving approach in mathematics across the whole school, children are excited to learn. Our focus on reading, writing, mathematics and IT is at the heart of our vision, recognising the importance for the future success of our children. We want to share this and improve our own practice further, through collaborating with like minded professionals.

Succession planning is central to our leadership success, developing bespoke programmes for teacher trainees and newly qualified teachers, through to middle and senior leadership programmes. We are able to offer this through our Teaching School, of which all members of our Trust will be able to benefit, playing a full role in supporting others, benefitting from our professional development programme which is available to all of our staff.

We recognise the need to strengthen our leadership and provide them with opportunities to grow. We are keen to talk to other leaders wishing to join the Trust, who are ambitious and possess proven skills to further develop the Northern Lights Learning Trust.